Aldelo offers a wide range of software options that can meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses. Our software is designed to simplify daily operations of any business. Aldelo Restaurant software allows businesses to maximize their productivity and earning potential with an intuitive software solution in an ever-changing restaurant industry.

• Dine-In and Quick Service
• Simple Order Entry screen
• User-Defined Interface
• Employee Management
• Aldelo Peripheral Support
• Sales Reports


• Card Reader
• Secure PIN Pad
• Convenient Printer
• Auto-locking Cash Drawer

Employee management made simple

Our ALDELO software allows you to keep track of all your employees through advanced management tools and easily scales to meet the needs of your growing business.

• Prepare and replicate employee schedules
• Delegate tasks through specialized settings
• Track employee hours and compensation including tips, commission, and more
• Create logins and set employee access levels

Insights into sales, employee productivity, and inventory

Comprehensive business tools show you which products are selling, which aren’t,and provide data necessary to make the right decisions all at your fingertips.

• Access store data anytime
• View daily, weekly, or monthly financial summaries
• Measure the effectiveness of pricing and promotions
• Easily export financial data to QuickBooks to save time and improve accuracy of data

Monitor store performance in real time

Make the right decision at the right time with access to real-time data on sales, inventory, productivity, and more.

• View real-time sales data, inventory, and other metrics at a glance
• Track your entire inventory by manufacturer or product category
• Identify sales trends, patters, and spot potential concerns
• Make informed decisions that can impact your business on the fly


The Posbank APEXA® PRIME, a new addition to the APEXA® series, is the most advanced POS terminal featuring extremely fast and powerful performance powered by the 7th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor. With its sleek and compact design, superior touch display, multiple I/O interfaces and flexible installation, the APEXA® PRIME is simply built for today’s mission-critical applications in retail and hospitality businesses.

Aldelo POS Pro

Simplicity for All Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant and bar operators are faced with complex and mission critical responsibilities such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory kitchen productivity, and much more everyday. In the busy quest for success, time becomes a valuable commodity among restaurant operators. The ability to simplify and streamline operations not only helps increase the bottom line, but also yields the greatly desired leisure time for family and friends. Aldelo POS Pro is the ideal point of sale and store management solution to help simplify operations for all table service restaurants, quick service restaurants and bars.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity

Aldelo POS Pro point of sale and management solution empowers simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience. Aldelo POS Pro takes care of point of sale activities, reservation and waiting list, guest and manager paging, customer tracking, gift card management, house account charges, delivery order routing and tracking, table service and quick service order entry, cashier payment handling, and ready for action out of the box. Aldelo POS Pro gives restaurateurs complete management control at their and scheduling control; extensive reports; and much more are all standard features and easily accessible with just a click away.

Maximize Productivity and ROI

Aldelo POS Pro is great for small, medium, and large restaurants and bars. We service customers ranging from a single point of sale terminal to more than ten point of sale terminals within one location. Aldelo POS Pro is also great for customers having just one store location, or hundreds of store locations across the country. Our advanced software solution maximizes productivity with its full featured faster order processing; staff activities are more streamlined; managers are more informed about store operations; waste and mistakes are greatly Our cost effective software solution truly enables all restaurateurs to enjoy on investment.