FD 130

FD130 Terminal allows you to accept payments quickly and gets you ready for the latest in EMV chip-enabled payment devices. With a new smaller footprint and sleek titanium design, it delivers high-quality credit card processing and, by using newer technologies, provides a safe, secure Internet protocol (IP)/dial-up platform. Compatible with many standard peripherals, the FD130 terminal offers maximum versatility at an affordable price. FD130 is one of the fastest, most secure credit card machines available.

FD130 uses cutting-edge technology to accept transactions with an EMV card—a card with a special chip that adds an important layer of security. In addition, FD130 Terminal gives you a full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks, and EBT.


QwickPAY is a complete POS payment solution allowing your Android device (Phone or tablet) to evolve into a highly secure POS payment system for secure magstripe and chip cards. With QwickPAY, you can easily accept credit and signature debit transaction sales anytime, anyplace.

Don't type: safely swipe and you and your customer will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind unmatched by any other mobile POS system. QwickPAY brings convenience back to POS without sacrificing security. It is easy to use and can help merchants lower their cost of accepting cards by as much as 30%. When your customers want to pay with a card, QwickPAY is the safest way.

ISC 250

Combining signature capture and touchscreen technologies in a robust, compact design, Ingenico® iSC Touch 250 Retail payment solution showcases a full range of promotions: ads, videos, couponing, targeted up-selling and crossselling opportunities, gift card sales, extended warranties, digital signage, and more on a colorful, interactive, high resolution touchscreen display.

With integrated multimedia-enabled Telium 2 architecture and multiple connectivity options, iSC Touch 250 solution accepts all existing forms of payment, including contactless, EMV™, and mobile (NFC). It is fully EMV and PCI PTS V2 and V3 certified and supports the latest international security algorithms.